Be Your Own
Best Coach


Saving Ballroom Dancers Money, Time & Frustration

At myDanceCoach, we believe that technology

can enable you to be your own best dance coach.

You can choreograph new routines. You can check you own alignments while you dance. You can organize all your dance technique at your finger tips.

Take more control of your own improvement as a dancer with the myDanceCoach app.

Let your teachers teach while you coach yourself.


Manual Create


Scroll & Tap 1,700+ syllabus-legal variations with our magic scroll wheels to choreograph unlimited Standard & Latin routines without an internet connection.


Notes & Media


Tag & Find your lesson, practice and competition notes, pictures and videos to have fast and easy access to your hard earned ballroom knowledge. 


View Routine


 Save all your routines in a single, organized place, plus have access to essential basic technique for each and every figure you dance.

Scroll & Tap

Choreograph Routines
by Using 1,700+ Variations Without Breaking the Rules



Your Level, Your Dance

Be confident that you can choreograph syllabus legal routines, anytime and anywhere, without an internet connection.  Create Bronze, Silver and Gold routines in any of the 5 Standard or 5 Latin dances.  Go ahead and choreograph a Silver Paso Doble or a new Gold Tango.  Or input your existing routines for safe keeping.  With 1,700+ variations over the 10 dances, you may be surprised at all your different options!

Exploring Made Simple

Explore the entire International Syllabus with our magical scroll wheels.  Scroll to a figure you want on the left and watch all the proper follow figures appear on the right.  Now Scroll through these new figures and Tap the one you want to dance as a follow.  Your scroll wheels will automatically slide to the left and a new set of proper follows will appear in a new scroll wheel on the right.  Scroll & Tap, then repeat as much as you want until your routine is done!

Safe & Organized

Choreograph as many routines as you want, and say goodbye to bulky notebooks or scraps of paper with routines falling out of them.  All your routines will be in a single organized place for you to find instantly.  And when you get bored or frustrated with a routine, you can easily edit or replace it with a brand new one.  You may not trust yourself to remember all your routines, but you can trust myDanceCoach!

Tag & Find

Always Find Your Priceless Ballroom Knowledge



Save it All

Avoid frustration. Consistently improve your dancing.  Save all the info and insights you get from your lessons, practices & comps, by writing notes, recording vids and taking pics.  Say bye to misunderstandings and forgetfulness, and hello to more ‘A-ha!’ moments.

Solutions Now

Have a problem?  Find a solution.  Don’t wait for your next lesson to remember the answer.  Create and add your own tags to your own notes, vids and pics so that you can later do laser focused searches to find the relevant information instantly.

Hyper Focus

Got a piece of information that is absolutely essential to a specific figure? Easily attach this essential information directly to the figure by note, vid or pic. So whenever you have a problem with that figure, you will know exactly where to find help.

Read & Learn

Be Confident with Your Basic Technique


Are you 100% sure of the timing?  Well now you can.  We’ve also included all possible timing variations.


Was that a Heel or a Heel Toe?  Find out for sure as we outline both the Man’s and Lady’s Footwork separately.


Is there sway in the Viennese Waltz Reverse Turn?  Get all your sway questions answered instantly.

Constant Updates

We are constantly adding new categories of technique, so make sure to update your myDanceCoach app!


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About Us

We are excited and determined to revolutionize how ballroom dancers improve their dancing by harnessing the power of their mobile devices with the myDanceCoach app.


Joel Marasigan

Founder & CED (Chief Executive Dreamer)


Joel is as addicted to dreaming up ways to help dancers improve, as he is addicted to eating insane amounts of spaghetti.  Silver medalist at the Canadian Championships, rep to the World Championships, and recently World Pro-Am Champion with one of his students, he also knows a thing or two about fabulous ballroom dancing.


Gord Larson

CSD (Co-Software Developer)


Gord loves software development as much as he loves ballroom dance.  Frontend or backend, Waltz or Samba, he’s down.  He prefers rotini to spaghetti. 


Jorden Hetherington

CSD (Co-Software Developer)


Jorden is a Software Engineer by day, but a Ballroom Dancer by night.  Falling in love with dance a few years ago, he is almost as addicted to learning about dance as Joel is to eating spaghetti.

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