3 Essential Ballroom Questions to Ask Before New Years Eve

Joel Marasigan   •   December 08, 2014   •   0 Comment



Yes, the Holiday Season is anything but a holiday.  With having to wait seemingly hours for an elusive parking spot at the mall, rushing across town in rush-hour to attend a festive dinner or pulling week long cram sessions to prep for your final exams there just never seems to be enough time to devote to the most important part of your life, ballroom dancing.


It happens to the best of us, so don’t feel guilty.  Instead of wallowing in self pity because you don’t have time to go to the ballroom and practice, take this uber streamlined yet productive approach by asking yourself these 3 essential questions before 2015 becomes a reality.


1.  Did you achieve your dancing goals of 2014?  If ‘No’ go to question 2(a).  If ‘Yes’ go to question 2(b).


2. (a) Why didn’t you?  (Now be 100% honest with yourself, and don’t even start pointing the finger to anyone else besides yourself!)

2. (b) Now that you’ve finished the year and achieved your goal, in hindsight would you have set a different goal for yourself this past year?  (Maybe your goal was too easy to achieve, or maybe once you achieved your goal you realized that it wasn’t a worthwhile goal in the first place.)


3. Based on your previous 2 answers what is your ballroom dancing goal for 2015?


As you can tell, these are superficially simple questions, yet intrinsically very thought provoking.  We dancers spend so much time, money & energy in our ballroom dancing that we owe it to ourselves to be more thoughtful about what we are truly wanting to achieve.


Keep in mind a goal doesn’t have to be competitive or results specific at all.  It could be something like being more confident with your footwork, or being less stressed when performing, or remembering more what was taught to me in my lessons, or fighting less with my dance partner.


Bonus Tip:


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With the myDanceCoach app Tag & Find technology you’ll never ever say to yourself again, “I know I learned that before in a lesson, but I’ve forgotten what it was and I can’t seem to find the video I took of it!”.


Bonus Insider Information:


Santa and his elves are tirelessly working on new features for the myDanceCoach app, and will be unveiling a new update in early 2015.  Download the free version today, and keep your eyes open for our next update!


Happy “Holidays”!



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